05 January, 2010

BC or bust!

Suz and I are headed North to the Olympic Games in February.  It will be 5 days in gorgeous Vancouver, BC, that for 2 weeks will be home to thousands of visitors from across the globe; we are pumped.  Beer with the Brits?  Yes, please!  Dinner with the Kiwis?  Can't wait.    
Of course I will root for home Team USA, but would it be totally taboo if I root (heavily) for the other home team and cheer on Team New Zealand?  I think I have enough team spirit to go around..  And not to mention there is a great sweater for sale in the Team Canada store.

Today is day 68 of the Olympic Torch Relay as it makes its way to Winnipeg.   There are 38 days to go until the Olympic Cauldron is lit in Vancouver February 12.


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