07 July, 2010

Black magic woman

Tomorrow I am en route to the fine city of Boston for a long weekend in one of America's greatest cities.  I have a double-date with Jack Johnson on Saturday night and breakfast in bed with 46 futbol players Sunday morning.  The Black Keys are playing in the background as I toss Boston'esque pieces into my suitcase, and it's just occurred to me that my all-black wardrobe is best perhaps suited for a weekend away in the Big Apple instead.  Black running shorts, black socks, black cotton tees, black silky tees, tank tops, leggings, Spanx.  My saving grace is a pink and yellow striped night shirt and a gray sweater, otherwise, I will most likely resemble Angelina Jolie, minus the... errr, you get my point.  I adore black, for its simple sophistication, its chicness and casual cool, and not just because it is rather slimming(another sentence I never thought I'd actually say, next to the one about my "skinny" jeans) or a default when I shop; I just don't feel right living in color.  Tom Ford said it best in an interview with NPR last December when asked about his personal dress code:

"I don't wear a lot of color. In fact, I don't actually like color on myself. I love color but it's very challenging, it's very powerful, it can overpower you. I think if my eyes were closed and someone put a red jacket on me, I would be able to feel that it was red. I don't feel great in color."

Tom, you're my hero.  Now design me a dress.  In plum, perhaps...

Wine Tasting @ Garfield Estates in Palisade, CO.  Notice the green dress.

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