15 August, 2010

The games we play

It was a toss up between Watercourse and Steubens for brunch with sweet Alexa.  Two primo spots later at Steubens' counter and a cup of coffee to sip, a note was slipped my way from a mystery-man three seats down: "Do you like me?  Check yes or no."  So I made a maybe box and checked it instead.  Over Eggs Benedict and granola parfaits, Alexa updated me on her dating life, quite a mature conversation for a girl of just 16.  I joked she found a boyfriend before me.  A sugar packet and another note slid down the counter.  "Your name is sugar," he said (only a bit disappointed he didn't pass the hot sauce instead).  He was bold and clever and embarrassingly amusing, silly antics for a 30-something.  Alexa asked if this was a common occurrence.  Maybe once, like when I was 16...

I tried to leave unnoticed but he was relentless and chased us out the door, handing me a PBR coaster with "a list of ideas for our first date."  He made sure everyone within earshot range could hear this future endeavor.  Clint had no shame.  It was a bit of a scene, really; Alexa had to explain what was going on to the onlookers.  I was mortified.  Two other girls said he was cute enough for my real number.  Which he may, or may not, have received.

It was a thoughtful list, nonetheless, and a few of my most favorite things.  And, of course, he saved the best for last.  Clearly a man after some random girl's heart.

Live music
Red Rocks
Bike Ride
Shop @ Target

Epic. Date.

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