08 September, 2010

Ya dig?

Overheard this morning as I ran at Red Rocks: "I only date Liberals, Democrats and Independents, so you can't say I'm a gold-digger."
She must not dig (for) brains, either...

My 75-minute workout was fantastic, minus the bee sting (on my ankle!) and slip on the wood as I did pushups up the bleachers.  I could get used to spending my AMs this way.  Or, perhaps, running on the beach like I plan to do for the next 7 mornings...

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday morning as I scrambled to find an interview worthy outfit; it occurred to me that I don't prepare for anything.  My black skirt and top felt messy and worn, I felt messy and worn in return.  I should have felt confident and beautiful, a look that I prefer to pull off.  Endless hours on Monday night were spent on my resume and business plan and by Tuesday morning, I had produced an unorganized, shoddy document.  And don't forget that my Hawaiian vacation was booked 6 months ago and I still don't have a decent swimsuit or pair of flip flops!  I leave in 24 hours!  I reflected on my ah-ha moment during the drive to work and vowed to really start living, with purpose and direction and discipline.  No more going through the motions!  Thankfully, Hawaii will be the perfect place to reflect on the healthy changes I'd like to make.  Now.  Whew.
And then I got to work and opened my inbox to this gem: "Don't just pursue your goal, inhabit it.  Wear it, live it, taste it!  Get committed- take action!"

Perfect timing.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  And then I walked confidently into my interview, answered a few standard "canned" questions, and resolved to spend time preparing for the final panel interview that is scheduled upon my return.  Because, my goal, is to ace it.  And not by accident, either.

Stay tuned for The Muse, Hawaiian Style!

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