23 December, 2010

Glam and gorg

Twenty-Eleven to-do:

#1:  Get my (wardrobe) groove back.  Take queues and be inspired here.  Life is too short to not feel glam and gorg all most the time.

#2: Get crafty.  Because I dig DIY.  And these two gems to start: A 2011 calender and a 365 days-of-bliss jar to store the moments that made each day special (like that glass of wine or details of that hot date).

But I wasn't DIY with this circa 1990 ottoman found on Craigslist.  It looked much more apartment friendly (and way more attractive) online, plus, the country-chic plaid print wasn't obvious.  So I made a 45-minute drive to claim my found object, and almost laughed out loud when I took that first glance.  Too embarrassed to decline the purchase, the nice seller instead loaded it in my car as I handed over 20 bucks.  But, alas, after a few weeks of ruining my life taking up space in No. 34, Janelle and I dumped it in my alley, where it was snatched up just hours later.  And oh well, because I even had failed attempts to resell (and make a $5 profit) it on Craigslist...!  

Dig the rug...
Plaid: up close and personal

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