28 January, 2011

Kiwi birthday

In 2004 I celebrated my 22nd birthday in the ever green and ever lovely Wellington, New Zealand.  My Kiwi flat mate, Marie, treated me to a pizza dinner and presented me with a gorgeous greenstone pendant.  This was the same day my American friend was to arrive from the South Island for a weekend of exploration through the streets of my temporary city.  He bailed on the last minute, moments before I was to set off on public transportation to greet him at the airport.  Luckily a series of events (or lack thereof) leading up to his arrival clued me in that he might not be coming after all, so I was not surprised when he called early that morning to deliver the news.  A woman's instinct is a beautiful thing!  But, alas, Leo and I are now very good friends!  So with our recent conversations of the good ol' days down under, I decided today a trip back to my other favorite country might be a rather appropriate place to celebrate my 30th (eeeek!) birthday next September.
Think sheep and rolling hills and coastlines and style and crumpets and rugby players.
Open invitation, to boot!  And Leo will commit this time...

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