04 January, 2011

A little pick(me)up

The middle-aged man in his pickup truck was kind and waved me on to cross in front of him.   The ice and snow proved to be a bit challenging in my heels but I gracefully avoided the fall.  And then out his window he yelled I like your shoes!  (At least they distracted him from my bad hair day.)  Lesson learned?  Do not underestimate the eye of men in denim overalls and old Chevy's.  You never know when they'll send a compliment your way (or lift you off the ground should you take a tumble).

New Year Noodle Soup courtesy of 101 Cookbooks.  

Quite fitting for the first week of 2011 so I gave it a go (and fed it to Janelle) last night.  We agreed it was very enjoyable; she even requested the recipe (but not seconds...).  And a little nod to my inner gourmet chef; this girl can cook.  Or at least saute onions and toss ingredients in a stockpot to simmer.  

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...

A 3 course meal for a few eligible bachelors may be in order.  Surely I can score a date with steak something delicious to eat, right?  Perhaps I'll even toss on a pair of (higher) heels.

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