08 January, 2011


Very good lyrics from Bell & Sebastian's Write About Love:

I hate my job, I'm working way too much.  Every day I'm stuck in an office
I'll write about a man.  He's intellectual and he's hot, but he understands

VGL indeed.
Smart + babe + thoughtful = the kind of guy I met would love to like me back

And from Honey and The Moon by Joseph Arthur:

Right now everything you want is wrong 
And right now I wish that I could follow you to the shores of freedom with no one else

Hear these VGL on my favorite online station, KCRW.com.

On a side note

Today I had a dress fitting for the bridal fashion show I'll be in (always the model, never the bride).  The strapless wedding gown is quite lovely (even walkable on the catwalk), and although the bridesmaid dress is a bit promish, I rather like the fit and strapless cut, albeit the electric blue flowy fabric...

More pushups.

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