23 February, 2011

Well, hello again

I must apologize for my recent hiatus.  Read on, lovelies!

A Cup of Joe turned me onto this painting by John Currin.  No resemblance. 

And check out this product website, Svpply.  A fashionistas paradise of all things lovely, perfectly assembled in one little spot.  Love!

Like this polished silver ring from Etsy.

I finally own a tablet from Matterial, that ubercool design house in North Denver.  The owner, Rick, even gave me a tour of the print studio.  The space is neat.  Letter presses from the 19th century still create invitations, paper goods, and prints, one by one, of course!  The walls are lined with reclaimed pine beetle wood, a sort of blonde hardwood with gray streaks.  Gorgeous!  

And a latte from Crema.  The space is unassuming and raw; here, the coffee takes the cake.  The Barista worked intently on his craft and delivered a perfectly poured latte to my counter spot.  The guys chatted about coffee parties and their favorite Guatemalan beans.  I watched as he held a handful of roasted beans to his nose and breathed in.  And the owner is a redhead, which I've had an affinity for once before.  Love, love!

Happy Wednesday! xo

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