30 March, 2011

Well heeled

The shoes.  The shoes! Oh, to be a Paris fashion blogger. Oooh, la, la!  Denver isn't quite on par with that scene. Even our proclaimed Fashion Denver, a boutique of sorts that houses local designers and fashionistas, falls short with its slightly cheap, a bit homemade, and very crafty'esqe amateur collections.  Sigh.  Or perhaps I'm out of touch.  After all, I was the one wearing a long sleeve plaid shirt from the men's rack at Goodwill.  But then at Max boutique, the stylie shopper and stylie salesgirl fell in love with the plaid, as I admired a pair of $700 booties and two fabulous silk dresses (which said stylie shopper tried on and took home).  Clearly I'm doing something right?! And for just $4, to boot (no pun intended).

Image here

And another unexpected nice guy.  That's all.  But I think I like this one...

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