11 March, 2011

Wine n' dine me

Mom is making dinner tonight: turkey burgers + farro + asparagus.
So I grabbed a bottle of vino per her I need a drink request.
Tonight's wine, a grape variety from Argentina, Bonarda, described as lighter, fruity, full of cherry and plum flavors.  I thought I picked a Malbec from one of my favorite producers, Tupun, but a closer look as I drove away revealed the Bonarda grape instead.  
And, a drink for The Muse... mmm, this is good.  Light and fruity, indeed!  Mom is still puckering her lips; I forgot, she doesn't like wine (but failed to inform me when I asked red or white); she's a brandy gal.
Another perk?  I'm expecting a bit of an unfun phone call later.  I better drink.. up.

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