04 April, 2011


Overheard in line at Hobby Lobby:
Daddy, is beef jerky chicken?
No, honey.  It's beef.
Oh, what does that T mean?
Sister: It's not a T silly, it's a cross.

PS- Hot dad.  Buying hot pink sequenced fabric (for a dance uniform, perhaps?!).

And en route to Whole Foods, this gem:
Girl: I used to eat rocks, but not anymore.

The business meeting between three men:
There are a couple things we can do to raise the alcohol level.

And then the most metro of the group (and only one with sushi) whipped out his checkbook to write a $900 check to the seemingly slimy one of the trio...

It's the little things. :)

And since Brooke said bananas are quite possibly the worst fruit to eat, I snacked on a handful of yogurt pretzels from the bulk bin instead.  Clearly my attempt to quit Whole Foods during the Lenten Season has been completely a tad unsuccessful.  And not to mention that my goal this week to eat only raw vegetables, fruit, and eggs has also been spoiled.  Back on track, errrr, now, right?!

Happy Monday! xo

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