15 May, 2011


Now this is what I call online dating.  Boy meets girl.  Boy friends girl.  Girl accepts.  Boy messages girl.  

I enjoyed visiting with you this morning.  We should hang out sometime.  My number is 303.xxx.1309.

Girl sends casual reply and does not mention hangout or telephone number{on purpose}.  Boy replies instantaneously.  Girl stalls.  Both enjoy this exchange.  The girl ends sentence with :).  Bad move, girl.  Girl gives boy last word{mystery}.  Boy is clever.  Girl laughs.  And Boy includes :).  

And then I browsed his profile, flipped through photos, scrolled through wall posts, status updates, and replies.  Grad school?  Yes!  Political standing?  Birthday, baseball team, books?  Yes, yes!  A quick Google?  Of, course.  Three dinner dates might only begin to skim the surface of everything I learned in less than 15 minutes via social media.  A pre-screening, perhaps.  No red flags{or frosted tips as KJ and I liked to call them} here!  But most importantly, the boy had good shoes{in real life}.  Which clearly is the only pre-screen that should be required prior to the first date{and one not requested via Facebook either}.

Gorgeous at Red Rocks


PS: Boy surely won't scan my profile and discover directions to Le Muse, right? :)

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