03 May, 2011

Flower power

Blame it on the infamous writers block for the absence of Le Muse.  But this seems quite fitting for now, so I will begin here.  The Royal Wedding.  Stunning.  So good looking!  The Bridal Bouquet.  Which I found rather flimsy and boring; but, alas, each bloom precisely picked to honor Royal Tradition, to include stems from a bush planted by Queen Victoria in 1845.  Okay, I stand corrected.  {Details below.}

Images courtesy of {this is glamorous} 

On another note, I did a killer leg workout with a personal trainer this AM.  As I lunged to the other end of the room I spotted something that looked a bit like a package of Pepperidge Farm cookies.  You know, the crispy wafers filled with dark chocolate.  Those ones.  Of course, it was actually protein powder {or another uberhealthy, fat burning snack}.  And had it not been just 6AM when I made my exit I would've beelined it to Safeway for a post-gym treat {perfect pairing with my chocolate protein shake}.

Ciao!  xo!

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