16 May, 2011

This is how we do it

My Capital Hill neighborhood offers the best intoxicating stroll with scents of lilac, honeysuckle, and fresh grass. Plus, I'm quite spoiled living just minutes from Whole Foods, where so often I stop in for carbs in boxes{i.e. crackers}, unsalted almonds from the bulk bin{plu 9370}, and most recently to steal glimpses of the new Jason Lewis {aka Smith Jerrod} look-a-like at the cash register.  Okay, so I haven't actually used him as an excuse to shop, yet, but this boy is hot.  Today I walked to the Red Box kiosk outside King Soopers; now that is an exciting grocery store{even from the safety of the parking lot..}.  Ooooh, but I digress.  On the way home an overheard conversation made me smile, albeit the man's dog nipping at my heels as said owner chatted merrily on his cellphone.

Hey, Sarah...Yes, you can come over...Give me a couple hours to shower... I have pasta, salad, and garlic bread...Looking forward to it...Will you bring the wine?

Not only does 2011 allow men to ask women out via Facebook, but apparently it also begs women to invite themselves over for dinner too.  And never to arrive empty handed, either.  Signs of the times?  I hope not.  {Perhaps it was during the resurgence of the feminist movement in the late 1960s that men actually stopped pursuing us.}

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