19 June, 2011

Kyle, out

A recent BOB spotting in my neighborhood and my heart skipped a beat.  Which reminded me of this.  Kyle left for basic training today, six months after enlisting in the Army. I remember the day it became official.  I was still a bit unsure of his decision{although I soon began to fully embrace his new life path}, so I leaned on the BOB for support with a quick text letting him know how I felt.  A part of me thought he might be around on this very day {presumptuous, yes; silly, no}to offer his shoulder.  But, alas, this wasn't the ending I'd once hoped for; instead, Kyle and I said quick goodbyes in Chipotle's parking lot, and I drove to my next commitment like it was no big deal.  And woe to Social Media; I was more vocal of his departure on Facebook than to anyone in real life. 

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