28 August, 2011

An Ethiopian Treat

An Ethiopian Breakfast:
French Toast {with jelly}
Chocolate marble pound cake
Scrambled eggs {with veggies}
Buna {espresso-like coffee}from a petite coffee cup {perfect}

{Obviously I won't lose those 5lbs after all}

Tonight's dinner was the most delicious pizza pie-- and in Ethiopia! This little Italian gem was tucked quietly behind a rickety building off the main road.  So my style.
{So perhaps I will instead gain those 5lbs...}

Addis Abeba is perfectly rainy.  Perfectly friendly.  Perfectly simple.  Perfectly colorful.  Perfectly different.  Perfectly dirty.  Perfectly inspiring.  Perfectly heartbreaking.  And perfectly heart-melting.

I've met the sweetest soul.  My heart melts with every glance I take.  Details soon. {He's not a date, future husband, or love connection:}

The sweetest first date token {none of my receipts have been frame-worthy thus far..}


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