29 August, 2011

Wah-Wah Wasa

Yes, the most expensive Wasa crackers I've ever purchased and rarely do I even pay full price for a package in real life {unless I'm feeling extra health-concious and have a new jar of red pepper hummus}.  Or unless it's in Ethiopia and I need a quick snack to stash in my backpack.  Yes.  Then I will most likely pay full price {and then some}.  
And note, this is nearly half the price of those lovely Emerald green heels..

The price I actually paid {in Birr, obviously}:

Thank goodness our Lattes and Caramel Macchiatos from Kaldi's only cost 75 cents each.  Yes.  So my style.

Today over tea {at Kaldi's} I asked my new Ethiopian friend to pen my name in Amharic.  When I looked at the paper I nearly laughed out loud; scribbled was Richard Evant and underneath the matching Amharic characters, so elegantly written.  And my bad because I surely thought he understood when I said Rachel Evans.  Beginner's mistake, right? ,)


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