27 December, 2009

Little bits

Christmas Eve was a bit impromptu after my flight to OKC was cancelled. So Lisa, Dave and I ate cake! There were bottles of Pinot Noir and Dave cooked salmon and his famous rice. We toasted under the glow of the burning fire place and Lisa finally saw A Christmas Story! A perfect night indeed.

My recently acquired treasures from the Goodwill store on Broadway. And in the spirit of giving (the men's racks are way better), I found 2 long sleeves for my brother and a man's plaid shirt for myself! My new place for those hidden gems. Plus, the 55+ crowd receives a discount; the woman ahead of me in line had to recite her birthday to prove her age.. I assume because she didn't have a (real) form of identification..

I've been a bit obsessed with baby names as of late. Names for MY baby, which currently, none are expected in the near (or far) future; certainly this is the extent of baby on my brain.. But I thought I'd be prepared just in case..

Alexa Kate
Delia Jane- the name of a friends' aunt
Emma- sadly, 2009's #1 baby girl name..
Raffie- Uma Thurman's character in the movie Prime

Leave it to John Mayer to write spot-on lyrics in the song "Friends, Lovers or Nothing"..
/Friends, lovers or nothing/There can only be one/There'll never be an in-between/

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