24 January, 2010

A little bit country

I wonder who was more embarrassed in the produce aisle at Safeway: the cute guy dressed in baby blue Ralph Lauren flannel pajama pants and house slippers, or me, dressed way under par in a t-shirt and tennis shoes and messy hair.  Of course words and vegetable tongs were exchanged (Murphy's Law) as we took turns scooping up broccoli and carrot sticks.   And I should know better: Safeway is the scene.

And how convenient that Amazon.com saves your credit card number for easy check out.  Last week, on a whim, I decided to purchase Super Natural Cooking by Heidi Swanson, chef and photographer extraordinaire and author of one of my favorite websites, 101 Cookbooks.  Without even thinking, a quick mouse click added the item to my cart, another took me to checkout.  And just one more click and viola!, the book was mine.  Absent was the tedious step of entering my credit card information, which had it been requested, I would've closed the window instead.  Clever indeed; I wonder if more websites are this savvy.  Perhaps I should enter my information into the Frye website should I ever have the sudden urge to buy those lovely (albeit pricy) boots.  Who knew e-commerce could get any easier?

Saturday, as mom and I were walking into the stock show, I overheard a woman exiting say she wanted to get the hell out of there.  It was cold and windy and dusty outside and a small pickup truck was covered in anti-Obama and God lovin' (yeehaw!) bumper stickers, conditions almost expected for any type of country shindig.  But I smiled the moment I smelled the sweet aromas of hay and BBQ, onions and farm animals.  My boots weren't Justin Boots and my hair wasn't as big and curly as those Texas rodeo queens, but there was something attractive about the cowboys selling farm equipment and water tanks and horse saddles.  I almost wish I would've eaten an onion blossom and turkey leg just to get the whole experience.  The rodeo reaffirmed my beliefs that I would date a cowboy, learn to ride a big white horse, and one day, enroll my kids in mutton bustin lessons.  I even purchased black and white cowhide coasters that will have to do until I have my very own full size rug.  The antler chandelier, however, will have to find another home.

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