17 January, 2010

From here to there

My laptop crashed and burned a few months ago, and with it taking almost two years of my life.  Recovery: non-existent.  I was most distraught to lose my entire photo collection, many documenting my eats across America.  But, alas!  An ah-ha moment: luckily I had posted several photos on MySpace, and a simple click and drag would bring them back to life in iphoto!  It just took me 8 months to be so clever..!  Here are a few of my favorites.

Portland Wine Country

Sushi in DC

50 Plates in Portland

Potato Pancake @ Broder, Portland

Miami Beach and The Oregon Coast

Mom and Pop bakery in San Francisco

Chicken n' Waffle slider @ 50 Plates

Found objects on the Oregon Coast

To be continued..

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