11 April, 2010

Pure joy

Everyone on Facebook is busy having babies, and I'm sitting here with a glass of Riesling, eating a $5.99 Rotisserie chicken with my fingers.  Spring is in the air and today Cheesman Park was buzzing with frisbee games, runners and picnic blankets.  I went on foot to Safeway for my weekly grocery trip, which made it impossible to avoid Joy Wine Shop for a bottle of something sweet.  The British guy working was quite helpful in my search.  "Sweet, medium, or dry," he asked in a most fab accent.  "Sweet.  Or medium. Riesling,"I replied, a bit reluctant to answer incorrectly for fear of ending up with the wrong wine and ruining my vision of the perfect glass.  So he pulled a bottle from 2005, an extraordinary year for Riesling, apparently.  The $21 price tag was a bit over indulgent so I chose a $14 bottle instead (I think it's the principle...).  I was giddy with excitement and only half tempted to have a taste as I skipped home.  And home sweet home, I sliced an apple upon his pairing recommendation, poured a glass and made a toast, to my health and my happiness and my anticipated bottle of wine.  And, of course, to all those damn babies.

Long story short: today I faked it as a bride-to-be.  I might've been the only one at the bridal festival without a rock on my finger and a hankering for cheesy wedding favors and Mexico honeymoons, but, I did make my exit thankful that I'm savvy enough to plan my own wedding.  Ahem.  Or maybe it's because I don't need a bunch of glitz and gloss and hideous wedding hair to make the day special.

That's what the happy couple is for.

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