02 May, 2010

It burns, Joe!

I've been waiting for a burn like this, and oh, man, it is fabulous.  After a six month winter hiatus, I was back in the groove at Red Rocks Fitness (now known as It Burns Joe Fitness), the 3 hour killa workout at that infamous amphitheater.  A blind date last May tipped me off and I was immediately hooked.  Love didn't bloom, but the workouts (and Joe's rock hard abs) left me smitten.  And while you can go at your own pace, this isn't for the faint of heart.  I've even outlasted two guy friends who were convinced they'd buzz right through (bring workout gloves, not your ego). As you probably guessed, love didn't bloom there either.
Get some (web) action here:  It Burns Joe Fitness

Once a bridesmaid and now a faux bride...
Mark your calendars for May 15th and come witness something magical as I walk down the aisle in a white, lacy number.  Well, okay, prince charming won't exactly be at the other end to greet me; I'm doing this in the name of an eco-chic bridal show.  Plus,  it's FREE!  6-9:30p @ The Temple Event Center.  And unless the pumps are satin and the updo wispy, I will be on my best bridal behavior...

Flashback to May 2, 2001: Doherty High School Senior Prom.  My lovely little dress was from Arden B.; perhaps more appropriate for Easter Sunday than the big dance, but, even then I was fashion savvy enough to stay away from those hideous synthetic ball gowns.  Nine years later and the night's details are still vivid in my mind: hair by Aveda, pre-prom photos fireside, an Italian dinner with friends downtown, matching sunglasses to make a statement, sore feet, and a super awkward after party.  The best part just might be that my date found a girlfriend two weeks after extending the invite to me.  It was strange then but I suppose we were clueless 18 year olds afterall.  But I wonder if payback was making him wear that huge orange flower that came as an accessory to my dress...

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  1. first: i wanna burn Joe with you. Deets please!
    two: i love the prom pic. can i please see this in real life, up close and personal? pretty please?