12 June, 2010

These boots... Part II

My new vintage boots totally stink.  As soon as they arrived I ripped open the box like it was Christmas morning, slightly disappointed at what I found.  (I was reminded of the Christmas years ago when I opened that large box to find a down comforter instead of fabulous clothing that I had already envisioned inside.)  I wished they were a bit taller, a pointier toe, but they were lovely: buttery leather, intricate stitching, a great heel and every bit distressed.  Vintage, I learned, really is pre-loved and pre-worn, even if you pay a premium for them from Urban Outfitters.  The next night I paired them with a knee length black strapless dress for an event at church.  The room was hot and I was sticky and there was a musty, old smell coming from my feet.  I feared my table mates would notice.  It was bad.  I smelled like a thrift store or a closet at Grandma's house or a pair of smoky, polyester pants circa 1969.  Wearing them again to work the next day caused a boot induced headache; today I am almost nauseous and without an appetite, quite the feat for a girl like me.  I'm not sure there is a cure for a pair of old smelly boots, but a friend suggested I freshen them with odor eaters, advice I could take, because in the name of a la vintage fashion, you also need to smell good to look good. Plus, I'm not quite hipster enough to make this my signature scent...
And not to mention, these are, perhaps, my most expensive thrift store find yet.

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