22 July, 2010

Six Items or Less

I've just signed up with the website six items or less for a global experiment in fashion:  wear a wardrobe fashioned with just six pieces for 1 month.  Shoes and accessories don't count.  I can't wait.  Most of my clothing is strewn about an overstuffed chair in my room.  Rarely do I open my closet doors to create something wonderful.  My wardrobe has become uninspired, a bit sloppy and very, very black.  I am excited to choose six fabulous items that I already own, pair them with great jewels and accessories, and create looks that require thought and creativity (I think I still got it!) to avoid looking as if I just wore that (which I probably did).
A month of stress free mornings, pretty earrings and big belts.  Perhaps even more good hair days.  Plus, I have so many shoes that are just begging to come out of the closet.   And quite frankly, I really don't like to shop.  I could get extra crazy and make black off limits.  But I guess now that's pushing it.
This does not start until the end of August or so; feel free to help me pick the six!  Or add to my collection of pretty things to decorate with.
The Muse will update!  Stay tuned!

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