11 September, 2010

Boys in bulk

Mom and I spent Friday evening in perhaps a most curious place, given our current tropical location: Costco.  We stopped in for water and left with wine, seaweed salad (my fave!), smoked Gouda, cherry tomatoes, and a reason to return: the fine looking selection of male clientele (and Kalamata olives).  If I were single and local I would probably spend many Friday nights shopping for jars of almond butter and bananas by the bunch...  Tonight was a mixbag of Island boys, Jack Johnson surfer'esq types, and a few vacationers still in their swim shorts.   Luckily, I was wearing my new straw Fedora, which may, or may not have concealed my wandering eyes.  And although it'd be quite lovely to strike up a conversation on the health benefits of carrot juice, I cannot think of a single time in Denver that I've been a repeat customer because of the plethora of potential.  Errr, besides my neighborhood Whole Foods, but the majority of those guys wear skinnier jeans than I do.
Or maybe this is what happens on vacation when the faces are new and different (and Hawaiian); tomorrow after yoga I'm stopping at Basik Acai for breakfast.  Because today's smoothie was quite delicious and the service was extra nice.  To look at. ;)

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