12 September, 2010

Paradise paraphrased

The first Broncos game of the season didn't make it to any Hawaiian networks, so we hurried home from an early service at Living Stones Church so mom could at least follow play-by-play action via the www.

Notice Mom's TOMS... so stylie!

And of course, where there's football, there's gotta be food, so she made a big pot of Kona coffee and a very Hawaiian breakfast.

Greek yogurt
Tropical granola with mac-nuts!

The tan is a work in progress.... Oooh, I loved the white sand and clear water at our little beach.  And those Hawaiian boys doing tricks on their boogie boards.  I almost asked for a lesson on my board, but thought I should probably just use it as a floating device instead... plus, I didn't want any bikini mishaps...

We drove north to Kohala and found a lovely roadside sandwich hut.  The owner was from Switzerland, and delighted in making us an uberhot pot of French Press (he admitted his smoothies were better than his coffee, and his milk went sour so I drank mine black... ).  

While waiting, I attempted to work the self-timer function... next, I will aim for better lighting...

A HUGE banana!  Perhaps that's why it cost me a buck.  Note: a bunch of asparagus was $7.99!

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