18 September, 2010

The dog days are over

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.  So cliche, but so very true too (unless I opt to move to paradise...).  The flight home was uneventful, albeit my window seat on the HI to LAX leg (I hate feeling so confined; aisle, please!).  Oh, and then we almost missed our flight to Denver before I noticed we were at the completely wrong gate.

We had an early AM go at the beach; the waves were killer, dude.  It was nice to float boogie board style further out to sea, but I did manage to almost kill myself twice.  Twice, you ask?  The first time I took Mom's advice and tried to swim under the wave before it came full force, but I must've been too late because I was hit the moment I tried.  It knocked me down, kept me down, kicked me around; several long seconds went by before I washed ashore.  I've never been so close to.... drowning.  And then I had the pleasure one more time as I tried (unsuccessfully) to outrun it (because you can't run in sand, silly).  This time I washed up with my bikini top twisted every which way but on.  I imagine nice old Mrs. Smith jabbed Mr. Smith to cover his eyes...  Mom took a turn too; her suit stayed put, but the snorkel set floated away, only to be saved by a nice surfer boy (but not a babelicious Hawaiian type, this one was just a White boy from Chicago...).  A nice, dark boy then informed me it was calmer the other direction, where most (local) people were... doh!

Okay, try to imagine me (with top on, of course...!) tossing about in a wave like this... and shooting out on calmer grounds.  Oye!   

Java fix @ Kona Joe Coffee for a mug of 100% pure Kona coffee.  We lounged on a Lanai with fabulous views of the Pacific, tucked in a tropical garden.  Gorgeous setting, terrible coffee...  But then we sampled the dark roast in the gift shop and ate a few chocolate coffee beans, which together, tasted very nice.  

But my biggest regret from the Big Island?  Not enough Basik!  My favorite Island fare was the Acai Bowl from this treehouse'esque wholefoods cafe.  The Banyan Bowl was scrumptious:  fruit blend with cashew milk, granola, bananas and peanut butter.  It was just a semi-crush had on half of the 2 man crew; I made 3 stops during my stay, but had I sampled one of everything, I might've left with more than just a fond food memory... 

Mom and I drove North to 'A Bay' for one last long walk on the beach.  The waves here were way more girl-friendly. 

Mr. Emmerich Grosch, the 1-man act behind Kona coffee supplier Captain Cook Trading Co..  If you want gourmet Kona coffee, he's your man. Plus, the $13/lb price tag is a very sweet deal.  
Fact: Dark roast has less caffeine than light or medium roast!

My skin was extra silky and smooth in that Hawaiian Tropic air.    
Today I'm a bit Rocky Mountain dry...

And my dear Hawai'i... Mahalo for being such a wonderful hostess.  You've created quite a love affair.  I bid you Adieu until we meet again (or until I turn into a single, white woman desperately seeking a man at Costco or the boy at Basik or one of those guys cruising to the beach with board in tow...).

So long palm trees, hello Colorado!  This morning I hiked with a group from Church.  Red Rocks was our destination and I quickly remembered why my state isn't so bad, either.  No bee stings today, but I did slip on loose gravel (twice).    

And a great Saturday to recover... and watch football!  This photo op (and Ohio State visor) was taken for my friend, Dave, but I'm actually watching the Nebraska v. Washington game, sans visor...

Go Big Red!

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