19 September, 2010

Who, me?

My walk to Whole Foods today was only to grab a mango and something sweet to snack on. Of course, in the spirit of overspending when I should be oversaving, my shopping tooth wasn't satisfied until I filled my basket, sipped a fresh-squeezed orange/carrot juice and experienced my first ever WF exchange (for real!).  I first noticed him looking at me through his stalk of sunflowers.  When our paths crossed again he stopped to say, "Your outfit is spectacular."  And then, "You look great."  It was at this moment I decided to chew on a vegan biscuit sample so I graciously replied with a smile, a thank you, and a twinkle in my eye, hoping I wasn't wearing the vegan biscuit sample.
And I'm pretty confident this wasn't a flirtatious gesture, just a nice compliment on a stellar sense of style (wait, maybe he wasn't talking to me...).  Because I don't think the flowers were for a Mrs...


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