28 September, 2010

Happy Birthday to me?

I learned tonight there are things guys aren't afraid to do.  In public.  Like an eyebrow makeover.  At one of those silly mall kiosks.  My initial thought was that he must be from another city, heck, another state,  to do something most men would never even admit to actually thinking about.  And then I overheard him talking to the cellphone kiosk guy on my way back and my question was answered.  He was waxed and tweezed in the name of love; his girlfriend asked him to do it.  Now ain't that sweet...

Oh, oh!  As I boot shopped at Nordstrom, a woman stopped me to compliment my plaid shirt, which truthfully, I think is actually quite hideous.  The colors caught her eye!  (Real colors!  Not black and white colors!)  So I grinned and told her it was from the men's rack at Goodwill.  She said that was okay.  I said of course it is...  And now I'm trying to add up how to buy those lovely Frye boots.  By tomorrow.  So if I return the ones I bought tonight, add Birthday money from Dad, cancel my cable and postpone joining the Colorado Athletic Club for a few weeks... the boots practically just bought themselves!
But it is my birthday week.. which I do believe is reason enough...

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