30 October, 2010

I love you, Fall

The Muse has been M.I.A.  But here's proof I didn't exactly fall into a black hole.

Watching dear Collin play little league football; perhaps one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday  morning.  But the best part?  Collin wears jersey 55, the same number his dad wore in high school.  And views of Pikes Peak, to boot.  Fantastic.

Post-football brunch at Montague's for latte bowls and hot chocolate with extra whipped cream topping; enough to make a mess, but too much to actually make the kid drink the entire cup...

My apartment in the city; isn't it such a charming building?  So romantic!

CG's homemade heart hooks.  Clever!
And homemade crepes...
I love breakfast for dinner.

Being the official social planner at Pathways, I get to plan silly outings like our recent 80's skate night.  I received a few odd stares from the tweeny crowd; perhaps it was my fuchsia ensemble and legwarmers.  Or maybe old ladies don't belong on the rink.

As uberproud alums, J and I tackled the Colorado State U Homecoming 5k.  

We finished in 31:00 minutes.  We'll pick up our pace next year...

Pre-season Nuggets' game versus the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Love my Whiz Kids Ladies!  Plus, seats just a few rows up from the Nuggies bench meant we could see how attractive the Birdman is in real life... And his new neck tat had to hurt.

A day with the Whiz Kids at the Denver Zoo.  We got a kick out of this bear, just chillin'...

A stroll to the Bluebird for an intoxicating performance by One Eskimo.  

And pizza by the slice post-show.  I watched. :(

A gorgeous Fall afternoon at Anderson Farms...

This was not my idea...

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