01 November, 2010

A little Muse on a major issue

He was sly and asked for my number on the pretense of offering his realtor advice.  Silly me, out of obligation (and awkwardness), I gave it up.  But then he called and asked a friend and I out to a movie.  And then last night, as he lingered about, he asked what my name was, because, apparently, I looked different from our first meeting two weeks ago...


And I have a serious problem.  I heard the following statement yesterday, a bit paraphrased here:
The most beautiful women I know are the most insecure.  What's up with that?  It's like, why, you're smokin'!  Look at you!

Let me get this straight.  Better looking women should be more secure because they are more "attractive" than average women?  Is high self-esteem a direct result with how good looking one is?  Does being hot also make you intelligent, kind, caring, confident, genuine, loving, humble, all adjectives that should define oneself and ultimately make someone completely secure and beautiful.  Does society value smokin' hot so much so that one is automatically assumed to be confident and "together" if they meet this criteria?

A trainer at my gym said the girls in the membership department scored their jobs based on their looks.  This may, or may not, be completely true.  But it makes me wonder if these pretty faces can also carry intelligent and informative conversation with clients and potential clients.  Does their work ethic drip with integrity and honesty?  Or do they sell memberships and meet quota with their long legs and flippy hair?

Will society ever skip the surface and dig in first?  How long before tall, dark and handsome no longer equates to a bigger paycheck or playboy mentality?  Will women ever be respected regardless of waist size, glowing skin, or a Coach handbag?  When will men first notice and want a smart woman with a beautiful soul and then feel lucky to also get a gorgeous face as part of the package, too?

Am I crazy...?




Or can I get an AMEN?

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