04 October, 2010

A night like this

The calendar might say otherwise, but the golden days of summer aren't over just yet.  Yesterday was a high of 85 degrees; it was 83 as I drove South to Denver at 530 PM!  I turned my face to the sun as I walked Zoe dog; a bit of color would certainly be nice.  Neighborhood kids setup lemonade stands and others splashed down the slip n' slide.  And just a day before, girls were in their swimsuits at Wash Park (a bit much, really).  I don't recall the last time I jogged in my sports bra on October 4th at almost 10PM either!  Lovely.  The thought of a jacket sounds so unappealing right now.  Unless it's that tweed trench I came across online last week.  Now if I could only remember where I found it; real Autumn evenings would be welcomed then...


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