01 October, 2010

Twas a beautiful birthday

I adore lovely, thoughtful gifts from my girlfriends, especially in the name of fashion.  And when it's a book, to boot, ever so lovely.  Even better when it's loaded with this kind of advice...

The tote is the perfect brunch bag.  You'll want plenty of room for the Sunday Times, and the baguette and bottle of wine you'll pick up on your way home.
-From Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear For Every Occasion

Now I need to read the bit about what to do after consuming pork buns and deviled eggs, red wine and white wine and champagne, chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, pumpkin bread, skinny lattes, and peanut M&Ms...

Seriously, but only on her 28th Birthday...

But I did receive more birthday money, and with birthday money, you buy birthday boots, which just might lead to the question, Do these boots make my butt look big?

PS: Dad's 5th grade class called once to sing Happy Birthday and again later for individual birthday wishes.
Which reminds me of the message Uncle Don left 2 years ago on my 26th birthday.  What a sweet man; he was near death from throat cancer, but called to wish me a Happy Birthday.  It sounded as though he fought to get out each word, each breath.  That moment is locked in my mind: I was browsing through the Museum of Contemporary Art, ignoring the call from an unknown number.  Seconds later I had the sweetest voicemail anyone could ever wish to receive on their birthday.  I cried and cried, overcome with sadness that such a great man would soon leave this world.  I didn't return the call; I knew I wouldn't make it past a tearful hello.  That message is still saved in my phone.  I replay it every now and again, a bittersweet reminder of something, and someone, so dear.

Cheers to October 1!  Cheers to pumpkin rolls and Fall dinners!  Cheers to Fall colors!  Cheers to new boots!  Cheers to falling leaves!  Cheers to finding love finding me before my 29th Birthday!

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