25 November, 2010

A(muse)d + in love

So chic.  So lovely.  And a few of my (new) favorite things.  Read on.

Inspiration binders to organize those favorite recipes and Spanish wines and pretty pictures from Food & Wine.  Gone are the days of marking the page and forgetting to ever enjoy it again.

And I especially love these homemade turtle candies.  Bite size, which might pose a big problem...

A bit obsessed with this couple as much as the Brits are.

Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies.  Or maybe these Peanut Butter Balls.  And of course a dozen of these pancake muffins.

Like, the best gig ever. And a dang cute husband.  And baby.  And pup.

This begins tomorrow.  Because why wait until 1.1.11?

Might as well tackle this too.  My six-pack needs major (re)work.

Perhaps my favorite dessert.

This makes my (design) palate water.

My second home.

I want to go on a cozy winter wine date here.  And dinner if the night gets good.

I think my calling looks something like this.  Rooftop dinner party, anyone?  Yummy.

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