18 November, 2010

A Big PB love affair

So I thought freezing my new jar of peanut butter might curb my desire to stand in the kitchen and spoon-feed it to myself.  But, alas, frozen peanut butter is simply divine (and easy to eat once it thaws out for a minute or two...).  Now if only I had a pot of melted chocolate to dip my peanut butter spoon in.
Uh-oh.  I taste trouble.

And I must confess.

I'm having big time Big Island withdrawal, especially as the temperatures drop, mugs of hot tea are consumed, and heat blasts from my radiator.  Say it ain't so!  And I must find a winter appropriate wardrobe. Pronto!  I'm diggin' those tweed shorts paired with textured tights, tall boots and thick sweaters.  Easy.  Warm.  Summer'ish.  Sorta.  The best of both worlds.

Last week I dreamed the boys from Basik Acai were dishing up at a Farmer's Market, but I woke up before I could order my Banyan Bowl.  I really think this is a concept for Colorado.  Hmmm.

Other recent Hawaiian daydreams:

Oceanside (full body) massages

Shave Ice

Palm tree sunsets


Tropical gardens

And another unrelated experience that's on my mind:

A whirlwind trip to America's oldest city.  And mussels.  

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