21 November, 2010

Thanks #1

Life takes on a whole new meaning during the holidays.  Like tonight, when the local news does a story on Thanksgiving food boxes for those in need.  Men in my community, my neighbors, with wives and children and homes and jobs, accepting the kindness of complete strangers so they can provide a Thanksgiving celebration for the ones they love.  
Sometimes I feel so selfish and indulgent when I shop at Whole Foods for fancy ingredients to make fancy dishes.  Can brussel sprouts ever really be that gourmet?    Won't my friends and family still come together over canned cranberry sauce and Costco pumpkin pie?  I love to cook and host and entertain and I am thankful and fortunate to be able to share this with others.  But more importantly, I enjoy fellowship and laughter and time with family and friends, moments I find way more satisfying than the wine glasses we drink from or the table settings we eat from.
Because a turkey by any other name is still a turkey.  

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