10 December, 2010

Pencil me on

I had just returned from my brow makeover appointment (yes, indeed) with the fabulous Leah Nickie when my lovely mother sent an email about a tooth issue she was having, one that only happens with age, apparently.  I was immediately reminded of my grandma's penciled-in brows, and I felt rather silly that this young chick would already require such beauty routine.  Clearly eyebrows don't follow the old-lady timeline.        

I bought two shirts at Forever 21 and both are almost exact replicas of more expensive versions purchased from Anthropologie and Nordstrom (I might need to expand my wardrobe horizons).  But, of course, the copied versions are, errrr, a bit more disposable than the more expensive styles.  The 32 dollar price tag on the little gray number still makes me a bit weary.  Good thing those gray heels were only 20 bucks, albeit a tad too tight, but I still walk semi-gracefully (I think).  

Tasty apps for the Christmas Season... or any other of the 364 days in the year.  Just add a bottle of red wine and a date if you have one.

And, it looks like a bit of R&R is in my future...

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