29 December, 2010

Just one of those things

I'm having one of those ultra-girl moments chalk-full of insecurity and worry.  I thought I was immune to this after declaring myself cool, calm and confident.  But, alas, it's a moment that no amount of positive self-talk or reflections in the mirror will help.  For the moment.  Deep down I know this is completely ridiculous.  Maybe a new pair of heels will refocus my attention.
So I poured a glass of Merlot and opened individually wrapped Toblerone (my favorite since 3rd grade) one at a time.
My girlfriend offered advice but I Googled why do women over think for another opinion.  The first post was titled "Why are women crazy,"an article written for the men who gave us this endearing nickname.  (Although, as the author points out, both sexes can sometimes act a bit irrational.)  Blame it on our tendency to verbalize feelings.  We're passionate and committed.  And we like to talk.
Tonight at the gym I gave unsolicited, albeit excellent, advice to a guy who keeps his girlfriend a secret should the chance to date a certain co-worker come to fruition.  A very non-single co-worker who agreed to drinks with him tomorrow night.  I was careful not to (totally) pass judgment and give an objective analysis instead.  His request for me to shut-up only signaled that he thought I might be right, but following my advice could be a bit more challenging given the girl in question is a bleached blonde.  But, I digress.
And I will proudly confess that my standards are perfectly normal high when compared to those of cheating gym trainers and girls in the membership department who sleep around (but refuse to call it such).  If I lower my standards that is what I'm standing with.  Much like the saying goes, I may get the stars instead of the moon (and that is okay), but at least I'm leaps and bounds above the city smog and smoke stacks.

And a quick browse through Jimmy Choo has left me quite disappointed.  Perhaps I don't know $900 stiletto class when I see it because there wasn't a single pair I'd wear in the name of defined calf muscles or mini skirts.  Hmmm.  Back to the drawing board.  A chill pill and a "repeat after me" game of cool, calm and confident might be in order instead.

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  1. Glad to see CCC is still somewhere in there ;) miss you lady, hope you had a great holiday and i'm excited for your new year. i have a good feeling.