30 January, 2011

The letter C

Not only am I reading the Dictionary, but my flat screen is hooked to an antenna, and I'm wearing a denim shirt.  Some might say an intervention to bring me back to 2011 is in order.  I think it's fun.  And the skinny latte I drank with Brooke at Stella's has left me somewhat wired; perhaps I can blame my reading choice on a slight caffeine buzz (which I really should be immune to by now).  Nonetheless, I've come across a few lovely words to ooh and aww over...
Perhaps one of my most favorite textiles, Charmeuse, is a satin-finished silk fabric.  And did you know Charpuk was a Polish-born French physicist who won the Nobel Prize in 1992?  Or that a Chateau is a French manor house and an estate where wine is produced?
Clearly I like the C section.
And the real definition of a Cheeseburger?   Probably what you thought: a hamburger topped with melted cheese.  Cheerio is what the Brits say in greeting or parting.  And alas!  So that's how Charcuterie is pronounced...

Okay, on to the finer (and more 2011'esque) things in life. Like e-commerce (another buzz worthy activity).

Mmmm.  Cheeseburger.

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