31 January, 2011

Out and about in Denver + some

I don't recommend totally parting ways with your neighborhood wine shop, but might I suggest a stop into Sips for a bottle or two?  The owner and sommelier, Chan Park knows his stuff and will (with great fervor) discuss any bottle from his hand-picked collection of over 3,000.  Not to mention free wine tastings every Thursday and Saturday nights from 4-7P; call it an impromptu happy hour in a very chic wine cellar.

My girl Leah Nickie is the best in the skin care business.  Appointments are booked months in advance; she is that good.  Be sure to follow your treatment with her killer eyebrow makeover.

By now you know I have a thing for City, O' City.  And perhaps you think I should venture to a new counter + latte.  Oh, but I do- to their sister restaurant, Watercourse.  But it's the European cafe, the huge countertop, and equally pleasing hipster crowd that turns me on.  Sometimes I wonder if I could attract one of these dudes, with longish hair and boyish charm, dressed in flannel and sturdy boots.  But that is no reason to spend hours there over red wine and hummus plates; I just happen to adore it.  Plus, there's only one dude (and he already comes dressed in flannel and boots) I'd again like to cozy up to the counter with.

And so cool in NYC!

A darling little necklace.

What fun it will be to say I Do!

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