05 February, 2011

Slow your roll

Press pot coffee and the DTC @ Dozen's

Big, fat snowflakes

Kaci's stunning new red do

A quickie at the gym

Target on the weekends is a good thing

The van that caught me driving 40 in a 30.  Eeek.  Eeek!

An impromptu stop at City O' City for Wine + hummus plate


our usual spot at the counter

to drink...

House red (from the box)

and meet...

A Barista and bean roaster from Pablo's, drinking whisky cocktails.  He wore a flannel, black skinny jeans, Keds, and a handkerchief around his neck.  And then he wrangled each of us whole milk lattes (and scoffed when I requested non-fat milk).

And a great new (Spring appropriate) Fedora

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