05 February, 2011

Denver diner

Nevermind that my fridge is full of veggies and eggs and Greek yogurt; eating out is way more fun, especially when the 8-5 is no longer an issue.  A few of my recent favorites:

City O' City- A slice of pizza on my return visit

Dozen's- Kaci swears by their Press Pot Coffee; today, I'm about to find out

Freshcraft- Forget the stale pretzel bites or tacky trellis interior; my fresh avocado wrap was delish

Happy Coffee Co.- A bike-through coffee shop that was surely inspired by Portland.  Cruising there next week

Mona's- Love the location and interior at their spot on 15th

Snooze- Coffee mugs with thumb rests.  Avoid the line and find your seat by 9A; and then eat, drink and be merry with reckless abandon 

Stella's- Excellent espresso and fire pits on the porch

Steuben's- I need to stop (but love the counter)

Wokano- When you find yourself with a date + wine at 9P, they deliver

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