13 February, 2011

Where art thou Romeo

It was an innocent dinner date that I already knew wasn't going anywhere.  So I wasn't concerned when we didn't have a follow-up conversation to debrief and officially part ways.  But the call to discuss "us" came today; he said I was awesome and cool, but just wasn't feeling it.  I thanked him for the courtesy call and although I wanted to swiftly retort in agreement, we had other things to talk about.  After all, he had enough tact to make the dreaded phone call; there was no need to let him know I wasn't feeling it either (except for the basil and swiss stuffed pork chop).

And just as I was feeling sorry for myself for not being someone's "girl," (but so unrelated to being the eve of Valentine's Day) I ran into the friend of a friend who expressed interest in me at our last meeting.  Although I've had visions of meeting my man while picking Gala apples (precisely where our run-in occurred), perhaps the olive bar at Whole Foods ought to be where sparks fly next.  Followed by the seafood department boys, check-out line, vitamin aisle, and of course, the salad bar (assuming he skips the tofu and chooses the teriyaki chicken instead).  Tomorrow, it's Kalamata olives (and a few pumps of a sultry perfume) en mass.

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