20 March, 2011

Friends with (pizza) benefits

Happy First Day of Spring!  It's a tad cloudy and a whole lotta windy today.  But, otherwise, lovely for a game of Horse with the nephew (I won) and football catch (yes, I throw spirals;). 

And...  The Muse had a date.  Err, okay, a non-date with a just friend who just so happens to enjoy taking me out; plus, my choice of wardrobe clearly said just that: hand-me-down flannel+jeans+heels.  So in the spirit of practicing what I preach, we ate pizza+wine at The Walnut Room and joined the neon high school crowd for Froyo!  And a post-dinner DVD, to boot (I had my end of the couch, he had his...).      

Happy Sunday!  xo

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