19 March, 2011

Date your mate

I was inspired as I took a stroll through the park this afternoon.  Love was certainly in the air; perhaps the best warm weather date spot (or place to find one?). So for you, a short list of ideas for you and your Spring + Summertime honey.  Tis the season!

Cruiser rides 
Blankets + bottles of wine(he can have a brew)
Impressing him with your football arm
Jogging(any sort of physical activity, really)
Post-church brunch dates
Getting cozy on the couch for March Madness(because it's better than the sports bar)
Gourmet pizza dinner dates
Romantic walks through the neighborhood at dusk
Scrabble when it rains
The DAM.  Let him photograph you in the amazing spaces 
Late night fro-yo(demand he get the good toppings so you can steal a bite)

Now once I score the dude, I will happily take my own advice.  Ahem. 

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