14 March, 2011


Perhaps it's because we're getting older, but love and marriage are definitely a hot topic amongst all the single ladies (and gents) as of late.  Like this text message from Garrett, with whom I have the I'll marry you if I'm still single at 30 contract.

This sounds crazy but just saw a girl with her dad watching TV, and thought, I want that!

Let's see.  A quick look through my sent texts reveals tennis + bikes with T, gym date with JJ, lunch meeting with MK, and dinner theater plans with Mom.  Even the convos between the BOB and the one whose identity I can't reveal don't quite allude to a love interest.  But at least I'm not complaining (in abbreviated words and sentences) to my friends of my non-singledom hopes and dreams, yet...

1 comment:

  1. Life is full with family and friends! Oh my goodness. The contracts. I have a few friends with those:-) xoxo