09 April, 2011


Let me introduce my new organization.  It's called clothestree, the giving boutique.  Read on, lovelies!  Also included is the official invitation to our first annual tee-party!

the mission   
clothestree provides denver’s deserving young women with pre-loved clothing at no cost, 
fostering a spirit of style, empowerment, and confidence to reach new heights.   
because, when you look good {you feel good}, and when you feel good {you do good}. 

the collection   
before you clear out your closet, wait!   
we want to add your pre-loved clothing to our clothestree collection!   
spring and fall collection tee-parties {with dessert+sparkly drinks+live music!} are held 
twice yearly throughout denver.  and once our racks are full, the invite-only boutique is 
open to high school women in the denver community. 

to donate   
stay tuned for the next tee-party, or, please contact us anytime via email to schedule a 

the need 
pre-loved {women's} clothing 
all sizes + styles 


you are invited to 
the first annual tee-party  
fall clothing collection 

dessert + sparkly drinks + live music 
may 5, 2011 

the ballroom @ the temple events center 
1595 pearl street, denver 

admission is free with a bag of pre-loved  
{women’s} clothing 
all sizes + styles 

please rsvp to rachel evans + kaci walker 

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