12 April, 2011

Speed dating

After a series of phone tag voice mails, I thought he was calling to arrange a date.  Instead he was calling to say he just wasn't in the mood to meet me after all.  Just a week before, a mutual friend suggested he contact me, describing him as a perfect match.  So I agreed {even though the artwork on his website was more than questionable}.  As he fumbled through his speech, he asked I not take it personal.  No harm done, I replied, a bit curious.  Perhaps he scanned my Facebook profile and found my conservative leaning a bit too... conservative.  Or maybe my taste in Hawaiian vacations and picnic wine parties were boring for his {rock n' roll} lifestyle.  And although we didn't make it past the 30-second message mark, the guy certainly displayed dating integrity.   Not long ago a certain gentleman, with whom for two months I exchanged flirtatious texts {and encounters} disappeared without so much as an IJNTIY {I'm just not that into you} text.   The verdict?  Some men still have manners, and a good ol' fashioned phone call isn't a completely foreign concept, yet.

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  1. amen, sista! ill take the IJNTIY text or call over silence!