10 December, 2011

Meet me at Le Muse

My sister recently asked where to Le Muse had run off.  Tonight it was Yogurtland for an impromptu dish of fro-yo.  Rarely do the dog days of summer elicit such a craving and even then it's a modest serving of fat-free plain under a mound of blackberries.  But this wintery evening that craving could only be satisfied with a messy ponytail, 2-mile drive, and $3 serving of plain tart topped with mochi, peanut butter cups, and a small pump of chocolate syrup. Self-control.  Now I'll turn my attention to those carrot sticks.

And I hope you agree.  This 3 month shutdown of Le Muse has been entirely too long.  Call it writer's block. Inspiration gone astray.  Maybe I'm over-thinking it.  And of course, I don't want to write the wrong thing.  Short or sweet, a collection of photographs, musings, pretty things from the www that make my heart melt, poignant articles, quotations, words, or love notes.  I know one thing's for certain: I just need to write. 

I'm giddy with excitement.

So until we meet again, this:

The alternative to plain leggings. And highly appropriate for sporting events, casual Saturdays, or late night dinner dates.

Do you keep that XL bottle of mouthwash too?  Problem solved!

Watercolor for your iPhone.

xo, lovelies!

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